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Code Name: Mommy doubletime
Age: 37
Body: tight
File: 49 min. video & 204 pics
Mission Summary: i was just planning to go out for a little sushi and my whole day got completely side tracked.as usual everybody wanted to go to different places so the sushi got 86ed. my buddy was in town so he picked. he wanted italian so we went to some dive that had pitchers for a dollar. we were about to go in and saw this hottie mommy. i could tell this girl was digging me and thats when mini-milf started to take over. looks like i got the desert i was lookin for!
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Discrimination of two points crosswise and lengthwise on the volar side of the forearm. -- Jastrow's asthesiometer was the instrument employed for testing the [p. 37] discrimination of two milfs' points on the skin. The instrument allowed, the distance between the two points to be varied from 1 mm. to 100 mm. The region used was the middle of the volar side of the right forearm. The arm was supported on a padding in a comfortable position. The subject was told that he would be touched in the region described, sometimes with one point and sometimes with two, and that all that was required of him was to tell whether he felt one point or two. The measurement of the discrimination crosswise of the arm was taken first, and the lengthwise test followed on another day. In making the test, stimulations with one point were frequently inserted in the series as a control. Often the judgments seemed to be pure guesses when the difference was really below the discriminative sensibility of the subject. In these cases the distance was increased until milf a reliable judgment could be made. In a few instances a genuine illusion seemed to be involved, which caused the judgments to remain difficult and variable through a large range of differences. All that could be done was to fix an approximate point after a long series of experiments. Frequently the guessing process would be stopped, or at least much reduced by telling the subject that he was calling one point two. The series of tests was begun with a difference a little below the average discriminative sensibility and was increased or decreased as the case demanded, until the least difference was found at which three-fourths of the judgments of two points out of twelve or sixteen were correct. The women proved to have a somewhat finer discrimination in the crosswise direction (Fig. 18) and a decidedly finer discrimination in the lengthwise direc-[p. 38]tion (Fig. 19). In the former case the two curves occupy the same range. The difference is shown by the preponderance of women with a small discriminative sensibility and the preponderance of men with a large discriminative sensibility. In the latter case (the lengthwise discrimination the difference is so great that the two curves occupy a different range; the women's MILF curve from 20 to 65 mm., and the men's curve from 35 to 75 mm.

Code Name: Rainy Days
Age: 41
Body: mommaliscours
File: 44 min. video & 188 pics
Mission Summary: Wow what a great mommy this one was. I was at a restuarant having a bite when i picked up this milf. I used some of that hunter charm to get her back to the milf pad and she was done. Once we started getting buck wild at the place her pussy started to just start pouring pussy cum. It was so freakin hot! You have to watch the clip to see what i mean about this drippin wet pussy!
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